Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Thing 4: Wivenhoe UK

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On Flickr, I found my favorite place of the decade, Wivenhoe, England, a small village just north of London with a bakery, a bookstore, restaurants, and a few pubs. Near the quay, we sit and have a pint and watch the sun set. We have a small garden with an apple tree, a swing, roses and a rosemary bush, and a handsome brick garden shed once used as an outhouse. From the second floor of Folly Cottage we can see the quay, where the tide rises and falls with the sun. Just 20 years ago the village had a huge shipyard where the boatmaking industry flourished.

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Keith Alston said...

Nice picture of my home village, but the information is a bit out of date!

The baker's has gone, the bank has gone, the butchers have all gone, the greengrocers have gone, the DIY shop has gone, the craft shop has gone, only one restaurant is left, (closed during the day!)

The shipyard is now a housing estate and the population of Wivenhoe over 12,000.

We have lived here for 41 years, and won't be moving, but a big supermarket three miles away has killed off all the local community spirit that was once here.

Nice to know you, like us, have some pleasant memories.